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We take the search out of career search by letting employers match your talents, skill set and work preferences with their open positions and company culture. Here's how it works...

Completely anonymous

Create your anonymous profile, highlight your top skills, the type of role you are looking for, detail your experience, work terms and preferences (eg: flexible hours). You can tailor your profile for specific positions while remaining completely anonymous. Profile details that can identify you are confidential until you decide to share them with prospective employers.

Opportunities come to you

Employers can browse anonymous profiles to find you. You’ll be notified when your profile is viewed or when a job prospect awaits your response.

You are in control

When an interesting opportunity finds you, the decision to reveal your identity is entirely in your hands. If a role or company isn't the right fit, you can anonymously pass on the opportunity. If the prospect does interest you, reveal your contact information to start down an exciting new career path.

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